We like to eat…

If you are looking for consistently delicious and unique food, The Thompson Diner must be your first stop. Don’t let the menu consisting of some comfort food favourites such as peanut butter and jelly and mac and cheese fool you into thinking it is some old school casual diner. The ambiance is quite elegant and trendy, which seems fitting as it is inside of the swanky Thompson Hotel. Although the name recently changed from The Counter to The Thompson Diner, there was definitely no sacrifice in flavour or quality.

Jonty and I have visited The Thompson Diner multiple times in the last year, but I will focus on our most recent trip last weekend, along with one specific item from months ago.

The Thompson Diner (when we had this it was The Counter) serves something called the Brunch Burger. This is the same idea as the burger we ate at The Ex, except this one is not a Krispy Kreme. We indulged in a burger topped with an egg, and cheese all in between a powdered donut (it comes with bacon but we omitted it due to preference). When we first spotted this on the menu months ago before hearing about it at The Ex we knew we had to tackle it. We shared this “heart attack on a plate” which made it a little more tolerable and less likely to kill us on the spot. As mentioned before, I enjoyed the donut burger combination in a way that is kind of difficult to explain.

Now I will get to our most recent trip to The Thompson Diner. As usual, the two of us were pretty hungry and ready to eat basically anything. Our go-to appetizer is the fried calamari with a basil parmesan dipping sauce for me and a chipotle mayo for Jonty.

Next came the challenging part; choosing a main course. As mentioned before, we enjoy a smorgasbord of food, which usually leads us to sharing a couple dishes. I rarely eat hot dogs but this evening for some reason I was in the mood. These ones in particular are rather large but had some appealing toppings and was great for sharing. The one we chose was topped with mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

Our next choice was something simple, yet never fails to impress. I’m talking about everyone’s childhood favourite-peanut butter and jelly! I was pleasantly surprised to see that the creamy, smooth peanut butter was paired with raspberry jelly which I prefer way more than the traditional grape jelly. Our side dishes were french fries and onion rings. The fries are nothing to get too excited about, but the onion rings are another story. They are over-sized with an incredibly crunchy coating.

Whether you are in the mood for something heavy and rich, or something light and healthy, The Thompson Diner is a trendy spot that I definitely recommend everyone put on their “to do” list.

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