The Priest

The second location of The Burger’s Priest opened about two weeks ago at 3397 Yonge St. just North of Lawrence. This place, just like the Queen St. location is lined up out the door at any given time, with a whopping 5000 four-ounce beef patties being sold per week.

Jonty ordered his burger Jarge-style (pronounced Jarz-sh) which is known to In-N-Out lovers as “Animal Style”. This means that the burger is cooked in mustard. He also topped his burger with lettuce, cheese, and fried onions.

As for my burger, I kept it simple with a single pattie topped with fried onions. Simply mouthwatering!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they changed their fries. I hate to say it, but the old ones were kind of soggy, bland and tasteless. Now, they are thicker, tastier and crispier.

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