The Melting Pot

Just over a week ago, The Melting Pot opened up in Richmond Hill. I was in the area a few months ago and saw the “coming soon” sign. I was shocked, and thought I was seeing things, as I thought this chain was only in the states. Turns out, other than this one, there is one in Alberta.

The concept here is that it is a fondue restaurant. Everything from appetizer, main course, and dessert comes in a dippable form. Cheese fondue is to start, with a variety of meats and seafood for main course, and chocolate combinations to end off.

I have been to The Melting Pot once a couple years ago in Miami and thought it was a pretty cool concept.

With one opening so close to home, Jonty and I figured we would try it out. I am not a huge fan of cheese, so we skipped the first course. As for the main, we chose “The Land & Sea” which is a combination of chicken breast, filet mignon, and shrimp. You can choose the broth which you would like to cook your meat in. The choices range from vegetable broth (our pick), red wine broth, Caribbean spice broth, or canola oil. Along with the meat, comes mushrooms, broccoli and potatoes to throw into the fondue mix.

The waitress begins by bringing the broth in a pot to your table and placing it on the stove-top that is built into your table and allowing it to heat up while waiting for your entree. Once the food comes, you simply place each item onto a fondue stick, dunk it into the broth, and wait a few minutes for it to cook. Although we were a little bit disappointed in the portion size in relation to the price, I was surprised at how full we got…but not too full for dessert!

The chocolate possibilities are almost endless…milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, s’mores, caramel, PB & J, peanut butter! We decided to go with milk chocolate mixed with crunchy peanut butter. Along with the fondue was strawberries, bananas,pineapple, brownies, pound cake, cheesecake, graham crusted marshmallows, and oreo crusted marshmallows. We were able to polish this deliciousness off no problem!

Overall we had a wonderful experience with friendly staff, service and food. However, we would not rush back. I find it more of a one-time or not too often experience or maybe fun for just dessert. I would reccommend it though for someone who has never been.

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