Super Bowl Sunday

I think it’s safe to say that the Super Bowl is also just another excuse to have a feast. I personally could not care about actually watching the game, other than the half time show, so I tend to stick around the food table. This year my parents had some friends over and instead of ordering the typical wings and pizza my mom prepared her own dishes. She had a lot planned so Jonty and I stepped in as her Sous chefs. She conjured up quite the spread so unfortunately I cannot take the credit for this one.

To start, my mom poured butternut squash soup into little individual tea cups for everyone to enjoy. After that, the spread began. Homemade spring rolls, beet hummus, rosemary crackers, pumpernickel onion loaf, nachos topped with melted cheese, and a vegetable arrangement. Empty avocado shells were my mom’s creative idea as the bowls for the hummus and dill dip.

As the game continued, so did the food. Next it was time to make your own fajitas. The options to stuff your tortilla with were chicken, red peppers, caramalized onions, lettuce, avocado, shredded cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream. At this point, the typical food coma that goes on at almost every Super Bowl event was starting to occur.

Half time (before the performances of course) was the perfect time for dessert. Naturally, this is where I came in. My mom’s idea was to make chocolate covered strawberries and since she was slammed in the kitchen, I took on the task. Because it was the Super Bowl after all, I turned ordinary chocolate covered strawberries into footballs! I used white chocolate to make the lines on the football. Who knew football could be so cute?! Some were also just drizzled in white chocolate. As well, I did a couple blueberry chocolate clusters and some chocolate dipped pineapple.

As for the rest of the dessert, we had a lemon blueberry loaf, chocolate cookies made by my parents’ friend, vanilla caramel chocolate frozen yogurt, and a lemon cake with strawberry sauce. A little dessert with a side of Madonna (who looks great for 53!) ain’t so bad!

My mom did a great job of hosting a wonderful Super Bowl party food fest!

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