This past weekend Jonty and I were driving in search of a new, yet delicious dinner spot. We stumbled upon Stack, a recently opened restaurant, and decided to take a look. The welcoming, casual yet sophisticated atmosphere and to-die-for menu immediately sold us.

This smokehouse is located on Yonge St. just south of Fairlawn. As soon as we sat down, we eagerly opened the menu. It probably took me a good five minutes to calm down, as I was flabbergasted at all of the mouthwatering options. The menu consists of different kinds of burgers and toppings, brisket sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, smoked meat sandwich, a variety of tacos, ribs, among many others. We were debating between the brisket, burger, and fish tacos. We decided to share the Greek burger which was an all beef pattie, topped with lettuce and tzaziki, and the brisket sandwich. Everything comes a la carte, so we ordered the parmesan fries on the side.

Each bite was better than the next. We managed to finish off our plates, and were feeling stuffed, and completely satisfied with our delicious meat-packed dinner.

The desserts and milkshakes looked unreal. However, since we were going to a party afterwards, we knew there would be some treats to munch on there so we are saving dessert for our next visit. Just to give you an idea, they have a nutella milkshake, and homemade donuts with different toppings. A tease, I know.

Overall, we are so glad that we came across this newly opened smokehouse and are counting down the minutes until our next visit. Oh, it was also very reasonably priced!

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