St. Lawrence Market

The St.Lawrence Market is an incredibly unique, yet overwhelming experience. Between the vendors, food, samples, and people it can be a pretty busy scene. Jonty and I chose to go this past Saturday which is the busiest time. Our favourite place, and basically our reason for visiting is Buster’s Sea Cove. It is the seafood restaurant at the back where the huge line stems from. The menu offers a variety of fish which you can order either grilled, fried, over a salad, as a sandwich, or really however you want. We have ordered calamari, grilled fish, and fried fish sandwiches in the past, but today we shared a fried halibut sandwich, served with coleslaw. We wanted to keep room in our bellies for any other delicious finds that we might come across. We took our sandwich out to the patio and enjoyed the crispy fish, soft bun, and some sort of mayo-herb sauce. I would have to say it is the best fish sandwich I have ever had. Buster’s seriously kicks ass!!

PS-Just recently they opened a food truck which lives at the corner of Queen and Jarvis.

After this amazingly delicious sandwich I was craving something sweet. We browsed the aisles and eventually Eve’s Temptations caught my eye, as it always does. The bakery serves all sorts of pastries from Chudleigh’s, Dufflet’s, and many others with items ranging from cupcakes, pies, tarts, brownies, and plenty more sweet treats. The blondie, with gooey caramel and chocolate chips was sitting behind the glass staring at me. It was just what I needed for a little after-lunch pick-me-up.

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