Smoke in Collingwood

While up at my cottage in Collingwood, I always wish there were some better restaurants to choose from. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few hidden gems, but it was just needing something more. I am thrilled to annouce that a new smokehouse called, The Smoke has recently opened up. When my boyfriend and I heard this great news, we immediately made a reservation.

The modern, large, open space was quite refreshing to see in this small town. As we walked in, the smoky, BBQ smell filled the air and I was ready to dig in. Each table is set with 4 bottles of homemade BBQ sauces; Carolina Mustard Sauce, Smokey Sweet BBQ Sauce, Sweet Tangy BBQ Sauce, and Hot Vinegar Sauce.

The special of the night was Smoked Beef Short Rib, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Au Jus, Cornbread & 1 Side (we chose fries). Seriously, these ribs were insane. Like out of this world. Jonty and I could not believe how juicy, tasty and literally fall off the bone they were. It’s safe to say these were the best beef ribs we have ever eaten. Crazy, I know. Little old Collingwood has some of the best BBQ food. I love cornbread, and this one did not dissapoint, along with the mashed potatoes and fries. Everything was just utterly amazing.



The only catch slash dissapointing thing about this place is that beef ribs are not a staple on their menu. They only have them every so often and not too many portions.

We also ordered a pound of smoked BBQ chicken wings that are smoked for two hours and tossed in their homemade BBQ sauce. They were sweet, smokey and juicy, just as they should be.


This restaurant is worth some serious mention and praise. It is also worth the trip to Collingwood. Jonty and I are going up to the cottage this weekend and already have reservations!


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