Richmond Station

Richmond Station has been a hot spot for quite some time now. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients, this eatery even acts as a butcher, cutting their own meat. Top Chef Canada winner, Carl Heinrich and his former Marben co-worker, Ryan Donovan are the pair behind Richmond Station. The restaurant has a subway theme, decorated with white subway tiled walls covered in old pictures of Toronto subway construction.

We were seated at the chef’s table, which overlooks the kitchen. It was such a cool experience to watch what goes on in a busy, yet totally organized kitchen.

The Stn. Burger has graced many “Toronto’s Best Burger” lists since opening. The medium-rare patty is composed of ground beef, with a braised beef center. This creates for a overwhelmingly juicy and flavourful burger, topped with sweet beet chutney, aged cheddar, bread and butter pickles, served on a soft milk bun. The rosemary fries were also a delicious addition.


The second dish was the braised beef ravioli. It was topped with crispy Brussels sprouts, a fried egg, grated toscano cheese (pecorino), and hickory sticks. The soft, juicy meat, combined with a soft boiled egg and the crunchy hickory sticks made for a tasty, yet rich dish, but perfect for sharing. This flavourful dish was intense, yet truly enjoyable.


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