Ribfest x2

After debating the weekly question of where to spend our Saturday night, we eventually thought of the Tulip. This casual, old school steakhouse sits on Queen Street at Coxwell. However, our plans quickly changed as we spotted a sign right before our destination reading, “Ribfest-Woodbine Park”. Our eyes lit up with excitement and before we could even say anything, we were parked and walking in that direction.

Although Jonty and myself do not eat pork, we were still able to enjoy many dishes. Sadly though, by the time we got there they were sold out of brisket. We opted for half a BBQ chicken from Uncle Sam’s BBQ and found a truck, Hogtown Smoke from Toronto that had a brisket sandwich. The sandwich was a little bit over priced ($13) and wasn’t the greatest. It wasn’t bad, and the bun was extremely soft, but I expected the meat to be a little less dry. The chicken however was drenched in smoky BBQ sauce and was incredibly juicy and moist; thumbs up in my books!

 I have had a slight obsession with cornbread recently, but barely ever eat it because it’s not that common. I found one vendor which served up a nice large slice for only two bucks! I was so pleased with this find, and even more so after tasting it. It had the perfect balance between buttery goodness and sweetness. Also on the side we got the heart attack of all foods-a blooming onion (just so you know we ate only about half!). To pretend to be a little bit healthy we got a corn on the cob, but then it was dunked in melted butter which defeats the purpose. We then topped the corn off with sea salt and dug into our large BBQ feast!

As if we hadn’t eaten enough, I needed something sweet. I was having a major dilemma between deciding on a funnel cake or tiny tom donuts. Since Jonty wasn’t really into the idea of either, I was basically going to be left to eat it all by myself, which is quite dangerous. I then found out that the funnel cake stand ran out of ice cream which made my decision. It is practically illegal to eat a funnel cake without ice cream! Therefore, I went and got myself some cinnamon sugar tiny tom donuts and was extremely satisfied with my choice!


Just when you thought our experience at Ribfest was over, we took it to the next level and went back the next day. However, this was not intentional, yet not disappointing either. My entire family took part in the Father’s Day walk/run for Prostate Cancer at Ashbridges Bay, which is conveniently located across the street from Woodbine Park. This of course could only mean one thing. A 5K run followed by Ribfest!

Since it was earlier in the day than the night prior, brisket was not sold out! We therefore ordered a brisket sandwich from Uncle Sam’s which was way better than our other one! This one was covered in BBQ sauce and the meat itself was tender and juicy. We also got another corn on the cob as well as a Texas Tornado which is basically swirled potato chips on a stick. Jonty then surprised me by sneaking away to grab me not one, but two slices of my favourite cornbread (I did share with everyone though)!

My sweet tooth is definitely hereditary, so my family chose to get some tiny toms tossed in icing sugar.

Ribfest was quite the experience and something that we just might turn into an annual tradition.


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