Overseas Indulgences

Last summer, two of my best friends, Cassi and Cassandra, and myself took a trip to Israel and Greece. The sightseeing and relaxation was incredible, but as always, I had my eye out for some good eats. Cassi and Cassandra love food as well, so I knew they would join me in my search for everything delicious!

 If you love chocolate, I suggest you take a trip to Max Brenner. This location was in Tel Aviv, Israel, but they have locations all over the map. It is a chocolate restaurant, including dishes from crepes, to milkshakes, to fondue, to cocktails, and to anything imaginable. They do also have a savoury dinner and brunch menu which can be enjoyed as a prelude to the ultimate chocolate experience. The restaurant’s chic interior definitely adds to the chocolatey experience. Pictured here is a banana crepe drizzled with what else, chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream.


 Now is this a dessert or what?! A warm, gooey brownie, topped with walnuts and chocolate sauce, paired with cookies and cream and chocolate ice cream all in a waffle bowl topped with various fruits. This was amazing!!

 In a small area in Israel called Tzfat, we came across this delicious, pizza-like item. It is like a flat pita/tortilla with various spices which are popular in Israel such as za’atar. It is topped with basil, and usually tomato (I omit the tomato due to preference) and a variety of cheeses. The three of us were starving, and this definitely hit the spot!

Next, we took our travels to Greece. Since I am a HUGE fan of pesto, I was super excited to find these chips. The three of us absolutely loved this unique flavour , so of course we wanted more. As we continued our way through Greece, we were constantly searching for these, but sadly, they were nowhere to be found. These chips will forever be missed!

What’s better than breakfast by the beach? This waffle by the beach! I have eaten quite the amount of waffles in my day, however this tops my list. Something about the warm, crispy outside, yet perfectly soft inside, smothered in nutella and fresh fruit literally made me dread the last bite.

Loukoumades are a traditional Greek dessert. They are fried balls of dough soaked in honey, and usually sprinkled with cinnamon. These particular ones were stuffed and topped with nutella. I thank Cassi for introducing me to these. They are so traditional that they were difficult to find, yet we were determined, and came across a few bakeries who made them fresh to order. I would go back to Greece just for these!


This wonderful photo was taken at the Shuk. It is an Israeli market with basically anything imaginable. There was jewelry, antiques, any kind of food-desserts and pastries, candies, fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, spreads, and the list goes on. Cassi, Cassandra and I visited this market on a number of occasions whether it was just to browse, grab breakfast, or get snacks to bring to the beach.



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