Mother Daughter Bonding

Having a brother going to school in New York leaves me with the perfect excuse to visit quite often. How could my parents resist me saying that I miss my big bro and would love to go see him?! This time around it was a mother daughter trip. My parents had gone a few weeks prior but due to sickness I was unable. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time together over shopping and good food! What could be better than that?

Eataly is probably one of the best places, like ever. Think gourmet grocery store with numerous restaurants, a coffee shop, and a gelato shop all in one. Mario Betali is the genius behind this. For lunch, the prime rib sandwich was my choice, which was literally to die for. It was a simple sandwich drizzled with just olive oil, however I still salivate at the thought.

Although my parents brought me back Crumbs cupcakes last time, I still had to visit for myself. The flavours are incredible, and the cupcakes are huge! My mom and I shared a peanut butter banana cupcake named The Elvis.

After a day of shopping, we met up again with my brother at another one of Mario Batali’s restaurants called Otto. This Italian eatery did not disappoint. We shared a cobb salad, pizza topped with potatoes, butternut squash pasta, and a mushroom tomato pasta.

As for dessert, we opted for something simple like this trio of gelato. Tangerine, caramel and apple cider were the flavours we chose and I could not believe how delicious they were!! It tasted exactly like real apple cider.

Another day, another cupcake! Today we gave Sprinkles a try, which is a cupcake shop that started in Los Angeles. My mom loves fruit flavoured things and I was in the mood for something light so we compromised on the orange cranberry, which was the perfect balance between tanginess and sweetness.

Self-serve frozen yogurt seems to be all the rage these days. This is a picture from one of the New York chains called 16 handles. A few of the flavours were original tart, peanut butter, strawberry lemonade, cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla, and many more.

Trendy, yet quaint was a coffee/ice cream shop called Van Leeuwen. The flavours were incredibly original, such as Earl Grey Tea, Red Currant, Ginger, Burnt Caramel, Hazelnut, along with a variety of others. My choice seems really boring in the real ice cream world, but here, it was simply mouthwatering! I chose Strawberry, which had real pieces of strawberries in it, and Vanilla bean which was so creamy and pure tasting.

Since my brother lives in New York and knows all the cool spots, he took us to a tiny, very low key, casual burger joint called the Corner Bistro. They serve simply burgers, cheeseburgers, and grilled cheese. The burgers are thick and juicy, and cooked exactly how you like it.

To end the trip, I just had to stop by Magnolia Bakery (even though I’ve been years ago). I have to say, these are still my favourite. The light, buttery, moist cake slathered in creamy butter cream frosting makes for one heck of a cupcake.

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