Make a Wish

I think I found a piece of heaven at Wish nestled on Charles Street just East of Yonge. By the looks of it, one could easily have mistaken it for a house. Once I opened the doors to the heated patio, I instantly fell in love. White, wooden panelled walls surrounded comfy white couches, pillows, country chairs, fur blankets and candles. It was an extremely chic, yet cottagey atmosphere, where I could just plop myself down with a few cocktails and never get up! Jonty and I then entered the actual restaurant, where again I was blown away, as it was equally comfy, with a little more glam. The all white, country-like interior was the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. It was extremely warm and inviting. We were seated at a corner booth on a couch, adorned with comfy pillows.

Our waitress approached us with a friendly and welcoming attitude. She then brought us a variety of wines to sample. Eventually I was set on the Pinot Grigio, while Jonty chose the Reisling. We also had difficulty choosing our food because everything on the menu sounded insanely delicious! Our helpful, efficient and pleasant waitress gave us some recommendations and adivce, which allowed for us to choose some dishes.

Soft, warm bread was brought to the table with a side of hummus with a hint of garlic. It was an impeccable start to our meal.


(Sorry, not the greatest picture!)

For an appetizer, we went with the Fried Calamari with a chili honey drizzle. The crispy batter perfectly coated the calamari, while the chili honey drizzle added a wonderful sweetness with a kick. I fell in LOVE with this dish and have been dreaming about it ever since.


As for the main course, we first ordered the gnoochi with basil pesto, butternut squash puree, cherry tomatoes, and toasted squash seeds. Unfortunately our waitress came back and informed us that because they are made in house, they had run out. We then chose the Lobster Ravioli with asparagus and snow peas in a citrus tarragon butter. The pasta was cooked to an al dente perfection, with a generous amount of lobster in each bite. The lobster tail on top was a nice touch. I was quite a fan of the citrus tarragon butter which paired well with the lobster.


We also ordered the Black Angus Beef Burger with aged cheddar, caramelized onions, and grainy dijon mustard, which was so juicy and flavourful. The fries were just how I like them, thin and crispy.


Wish also serves lunch and brunch, which I am DYING to try. It will be the perfect place for a cozy weekend brunch, and I cannot wait until that moment!

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