Healthy Eating

Although you may not believe me after reading this blog, we do like to eat healthy some of the time. There’s nothing better than something that tastes incredible, and is also¬†good for you. I shall introduce you to The Fish Store. This is a tiny storefront (basically a counter) on College Street right near Little Italy. It is kind of an odd location since it is in no way Italian. The menu has many varieties of grilled¬†fish that are served either as a sandwich or on top of a salad. The simplicity and freshness of this little shop is perfect for a quick, healthy and satisfying meal. There is a patio out front if you prefer to eat there rather than take it to go.

Jonty ordered a black cod sandwich complete with lettuce and tomato, while I opted for halibut. The fish is topped with a variety of mild spices, salt and pepper and cooked to perfection. We also were dying to try the shrimp burger so we figured we would order one too and split it, what the heck! Although it was no dessert, the shrimp, cheese, lettuce, tomato were a great ending to our meal.

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