Happy Birthday Jonty

Jonty is constantly spoiling me on a regular basis, so it was now his turn. This past Saturday Jonty celebrated his birthday. Since we love anything involving food and eating, I knew what his birthday festivities would be based on. I love making people feel special and doing thoughtful things for them, especially for Jonty, and especially on his birthday, so I started off by preparing him a little surprise brunch for the two of us. It included bagels, cream cheese, tuna, and a couple of his favourite treats including cocktail wieners and tiramisu, with a candle of course! I also had a couple of candy bowls with some of his favourite candies.

As for dinner, I also left Jonty in suspense as to where I was taking him. We have been to Lee Restaurant (one of Susur Lee’s) once before and fell in love. Since we have been wanting to go back, I figured his birthday would be the perfect opportunity. The menu and decor is Asian inspired, as well as unique and trendy. Luckily I made a reservation because the place was booming, with a line up out the door!

The Singapore Slaw is a famous staple at this upscale, chic restaurant. As quoted by Susur Lee, “One of my signature dishes, Singapore Slaw features 19 different ingredients including edible pansies, daikon, tropical ginger, pickled onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, daikon sprouts, cilantro sprouts, toasted sesame seeds, red onion, rice vermicelli, crushed roasted peanuts, fennel and hazelnuts. It’s crowned with a birds nest of taro and tossed with salted plum dressing. It’s a great hit. Everybody loves it. I’ve been doing that in my restaurant in Toronto the past four years”.

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to photograph the slaw as it came, because the waitress started mixing it right away, but as Mr.Lee mentioned, it comes piled high with taro and edible flowers. The flavours of the 19 ingredients come together so perfectly to create the best slaw I, and probably most people have ever tasted!

Next to grace our table were Cheeseburger Spring Rolls which were also wrapped in lettuce and drizzled with a smoked chili mayo. The classic take on an American favourite was displayed in such a creative, delicious way and really took our tastebuds on an interesting ride!

The two of us absolutely love shrimp, so it was a no brainer that we ordered the Garlic Tiger Shrimp, accompanied by a spicy tomato jam, potato pea croquette, soya bean crumb, cucumber & mango salad. The shrimp were so juicy and cooked to perfection. 

Last to arrive was the Korean Style Skirt Steak, prepared medium as per our request. It was topped with garlic mushroom & spicy ponzu for added texture and flavour. The meat was incredibly juicy and tasty, and even though we were stuffed at this point, it was too yummy to not finish off the plate!

If you have never experienced any of Susur Lee’s (world renowned chef) cooking, I demand that you visit one of his restaurants ASAP! Everything on the menu is too delicious to pass up! By the sounds of it, I think Jonty was pretty pleased with my food selections for his birthday!

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