Go Chuck Yourself

Where do I begin?! I suppose just saying that Jonty and I visited Holy Chuck twice in one week says it all.

Open for almost a year on Yonge St. just South of St.Clair is yet another burger joint. This ain’t any ol’ burger joint. We have heard from numerous people that we MUST try Holy Chuck not only for their burgers, but for the milkshakes. As avid Priest goers, we knew that the two were often compared, which made it basically mandatory for us to give it a try.

Jonty, myself and his friend Casey all lost our Holy Chuck virginity together. The creations are very similar to the Priest, with options such as a deep fried mushroom stuffed with cheese, grilled cheese buns, burger fried in mustard. I went for a simple single burger with lettuce, ketchup and caramelized onions. I tried to be just a little bit healthy by opting for the whole wheat bun, as if it matters at this point! (I tasted Jonty’s burger and the regular bun is a lot softer, and compliments the burger better). Jonty ordered a single cheeseburger with a fried egg. Casey ordered a cheeseburger topped with bacon, and with grilled cheese buns. On the side we ordered greek fries which were topped with feta cheese and greek dressing. The burgers were absolutely incredible, as well as the fries. To be honest, I prefer the fries at Holy Chuck better than at the Priest. They are thin cut, with the perfect amount of salt and crispiness.

Nothing lit my eyes up more than the choices of milkshakes. I have heard incredible things about the Nutella and Salted Caramel milkshake, which is extremely up my alley. My first sip was orgasmic. I almost died. The shakes are 95% ice cream and 5% milk, so you can imagine how thick they are. There truly is nothing better than the combo of creamy ice cream, and ribbons of nutella in every sip.

We loved our first experience at Holy Chuck so much and have been craving it ever since. I had been dreaming about the other milkshakes and dying to try the Reese’s Pieces and Banana shake. Just days after our first visit, Jonty and I knew it was time to go back. We chose the same burgers, but switched up the shakes. I ordered the one I just mentioned, and Jonty went for the Peanut Butter and Jelly shake. It was quite sweet, but definitely delicious! Mine, as imagined, was toooooo good! Actual chunks of Reese’s Pieces entered my mouth with every sip. I don’t know which is my favourite because I could probably drink all of them all day every day.  We also got plain fries this time, which did not disappoint.

It is safe to say that WE LOVE CHUCK! Next on my list to try is the Nutella lollipops and the funnel cake, oh and the deep fried twinkie! I may need to spend my life inside a gym…or a surgeons table.


That’s just me enjoying some milkshakes!

Coincidentally the day after our second visit, Holy Chuck catered Jonty’s work event. Pictured here is Jonty and co-owner, Johnny.

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