Food Trucks!

The streets of Toronto are seriously lacking in food trucks. Apparently there are some strict laws and permit issues. Anyways, there was this incredible, well-needed event at the Distillery District this past summer called Food Truck Eats. An array of trucks came out to this event from all over Ontario. Participating in this event was a grilled cheese truck, a Mexican truck, cupcakes, ice pops, pies, along with many others. I decided to tackle this event with Cassi, who also adores food.

Our choice of grilled cheese was one filled with ooey mozzarella, onions ( I really dislike raw onions so I picked them out), and tomatoes. It was simple, yet classically delicious. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I begged Cassi for us to try the dessert grilled cheese as well. This was my favourite. It was a blend of nutella, mascarpone cheese and strawberries all nestled between buttery, grilled to perfection bread.

While Cassi waited in line for the grilled cheese, I could not wait to get my hands on one of the individual pies. My choice was the sweet, flaky, buttery peach pie.


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