Cottage AKA Time to Eat!

Once again, this past summer, Jonty and I took to the kitchen during a weekend getaway at my cottage. By the time we grocery shopped, prepared, cooked and cleaned it had been a whole night’s affair. However, we have tons of fun together along the way! As you will see in the following photos (and throughout this entire blog), we have huge eyes. Just a heads up, it may look like there was an entire army over for dinner.

 To start off the weekend, we concocted one of the most classic, refreshing cocktails- a mojito. PS-How cute and perfect are these glasses?!
Below is a photo of the entire meal before I break it down into pictures of individual dishes.
When it comes to barbecuing, I steer clear and leave that job for Jonty. On the grill here we have chicken wings in Jonty’s homemade secret marinade, two steaks cooked to a juicy medium, and shrimp, lobster, vegetable and mango skewers.

While Jonty was out back taking care of the grill, I started on some other dishes inside. Pictured here is fried calamari and shrimp in our own homemade batter which consisted of a dip into an egg bath and then rolled around in a mixture of Italian flavoured breadcrumbs, flour, salt, and garlic.


This potato heaven is a combination of purple, sweet and small white potatoes which were first boiled and then broiled in the oven to crisp up. They were combined with onions, mushrooms and garlic.


*Not pictured individually,but buttery garlic bread, grilled shrimp, and a side salad made it into our bellies as well!

Although we may have had to unbutton our pants after this meal, as always, I was in need of something sweet. The chilly August night had approached and the fire pit was calling our name. Nothing goes together with a bonfire better than s’mores! We made our own version with a cookies and cream chocolate bar, milk chocolate, peanut butter, and of course marshmallows and graham crackers! I am still dreaming about these.

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