Chef's Challenge Cookie Battle

Last night I attended the Chef’s Challenge Cookie Battle which was a fundraising event for cancer research and education at Mount Sinai Hospital. Each attendee showed off their culinary talents with homemade cookies tested by Food Network chef, Chuck Hughes (who is just as good looking in person as on TV!). Although my cookies were unfortunately not the winners, it still was an incredible night for a great cause. I had the opportunity to mingle with other bakers, “foodies”, and of course Mr. Hughes.

There were a huge variety of scrumptious cookies such as brownie stuffed chocolate chip, pink lemonade, candied bacon, various shortbreads, lemon meringue, among plenty others. The winner’s Chocolate Macchiato Shortbread cookies were beautifully displayed and were clearly a hit. I am not a coffee fan so I didn’t try one, plus they were all eaten pretty quick after Chuck pronounced them his favourite.

And the winning cookies (the ones in the coffee cups)…

I put some thought into which cookies I would bring to this event and decided to make two different recipes to choose from. First I made Momofuku Compost cookies which are one of my favourites. It is a very intricate recipe which can be a hit or miss, so you must pay attention to detail in the baking process. I also stumbled upon a recipe for Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies with browned butter, vanilla beans and sea salt. They sounded amazing so I gave them a try. The final product was quite delicious, but I felt that they were kind of just ordinary. Therefore I chose to display my compost cookies at the cookie battle.

Pictured below are my two different cookies at home while deciding which to bring to the battle.

Stay tuned for the recipes.

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