Now I know the title of this post may sound intimidating. I figured I would warn you for what you are about to see. Let’s just say that we were appologizing to our hearts and arteries after this night. The Canadian National Exhibition is a fair that comes to Toronto every year at the end of Summer. Along with games and rides, there is TONS of food! Of course, Jonty and I knew this was our calling.

We decided to start the evening off by ordering a blooming, fried onion. This however was just a side dish to something that was all the talk this year at the Ex- the Donut Burger. We have had a donut burger before this, but I will save that for another post. It is a burger between two Krispy Kreme donuts, topped with lettuce, an egg, bacon, and cheese. They were out of egg on this day and Jonty and I do not eat bacon, but I’d say we still had quite the burger. This may sound revolting to some, but we had to try it! To be quite honest, it was strangely tasty.


 After wandering the fair grounds, playing games and going on rides, we had room for some more! Next we tackled mac and cheese, which oddly came with a hot dog. Surprisingly it was all pretty delicious, as the mac and cheese was quite creamy and cheesy.

Even after all this food, I’m sure you could have guessed what I needed…It was a toss up between a deep fried Oreo or a deep fried “Ah Caramel”. If youaren’t familiar with this, it is kind of like a Joe Louis but it is caramel filled white cake covered in chocolate. Since Oreos are more popular, I decided to for the “Ah Caramel”. For those who know me, you know I cannot eat anything fried or basically any hot dessert without ice cream. That’s where the waffle ice cream sandwich came in! The combination of the fried batter, the caramel, chocolate and ice cream was truly all I needed to complete this calorie laden evening.

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