A Toast to the New Year

The new year has sprung upon us which means many new edible opportunities. Jonty and I decided to start the year off by inviting some of my closest friends over for a dinner party. We compiled a menu, bought the supplies, and began cooking up a storm.

As for appetizers, we decided on homemade spring rolls and garlic parmesan pita. The spring rolls were a combination of bean sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, and avocado rolled up in a wonton wrapper and then tossed in the deep fryer. We then spread whole wheat pita with garlic butter and parmesan and placed them into the oven to be served crispy and warm.

Cocktails are a necessity (in my opinion!) to any party. Our choices were a white wine sangria, a tropical cocktail, and red and white wine.

If you have seen, heard about, or tasted any of the meals Jonty and I have made, you would know that we tend to over estimate the number of people eating. Since we were cooking for a group, we didn’t want to be short on food, so therefore we literally cooked for an army. We made so much salad and spaghetti that they had to be split into two bowls.

The salad consisted of mixed greens, red pepper, cucumber, tomato, avocado, mango, craisins, bean sprouts, and carrots, topped with feta cheese. I’m pretty sure that’s everything!

We figured it was time we try and emulate two of our favourite dishes- Chicken Picatta and Shrimp Scampi. Pieces of chicken breast were cooked in a white wine, lemon cream sauce and mixed with mushrooms for the Chicken Picatta. As for the scampi, shrimp were breaded and then pan fried to a golden perfection.

Since there was tons of food, we decided to keep the pasta simple. Rose sauce, which is a combination of tomato and cream sauce was what we chose to toss the spaghetti in, as we knew that all of our guests were a fan. I think it’s safe to say we are not a good judge of food proportions considering we had leftovers for days and it went bad before we could even finish it all.

Although everyone was unbuttoning their pants after this meal, they knew who was throwing this party, which meant they knew dessert was coming. One of my favourite store-bought cakes is this cinnamon coffee cake. There is something about the cinnamony crumble on top and the swirls of cinnamon and sweetness in the middle that keeps my mouth wanting more. A large fruit salad also made it into the mix, along with two-bite brownies.

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