September 2012 archive

P.F. Changs

The long awaited Canadian debut of the American chain has finally graced Toronto with it’s presence! P.F. Changs opened at the Shops at Don Mills at the end of July. Now I know that this post is a little late, considering I did visit the restaurant a couple weeks after opening…and then again a couple weeks later. All that aside, let’s get to the good stuff.

An obvious appetizer choice, and staple in my opinion are the Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps which include “wok-seared minced chicken, mushrooms, green onions, and water chestnuts served over crispy rice sticks and served with cool, crisp lettuce cups”. They pretty much speak for themselves and if you’ve been to P.F. Changs then you’ve most likely had them and know what they are all about-straight up goodness!

Next we knew we wanted a shrimp dish, so we decided on the Crispy Honey Shrimp. They were lightly battered and smothered in a sweet honey sauce and topped with green onions. The tangy sauce combined with the crispy coating made for a wonderful dish.

Since this post is combining two trips to P.F. Changs, I will include the two chicken dishes. First we went for the Almond and Cashew chicken combined with onions, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, peppers and water chestnuts in a garlic soy sauce. To be honest this dish was a little bit boring. I would like to try something different next time. As for our other chicken dish, we ordered the Sesame Chicken which included broccoli, onions and peppers in a spicy sesame sauce. The sauce was actually a little bit too sweet for me, but tasty nonetheless.

The next dish was classic beef with broccoli, in which you can’t go wrong. As for noodles, we chose the chicken lo mein stir fried with mixed vegetables. It was a nice balance to the meal with just the right amount of flavour. On the side we each had our own bowl of brown rice to mix with all the goodness on our plates.

I recommend you make a reservation well in advance, as the restaurant is quite busy with Torontonians eagerly waiting to visit P.F. Changs without crossing the border.